24th May, 2021

Digital Marketing eLearning With The Internet Business School

By Christopher White
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The Internet Business School is the leading Internet marketing training company in the UK. In this post we will look at the Internet Business School, its courses and why you, as a business owner, should seriously contemplate investing in yourself by signing up to some of their online digital marketing courses.

What Is e-Learning?

E-learning is one of the fastest growing methods of self-development in the world. It is estimated that by 2022 the projected value of the global e-Learning will be $275 billion, compared to $165 billion in 2015. It is therefore an important sector.

During the 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic, we saw significant shifts in people's appetite for online learning. A significant number of businesses in the UK either closed down, made staff redundant or furloughed staff with no certainty that the the businesses would pull through the government imposed lockdowns.

This situation meant that people had to start to take their destiny into their own hands. Retraining was the choice of those who had their wits about them and wanted to have control of their income.

E-Learning was the best method of retraining available. With huge numbers of courses available online, covering a multitude of topics, there is a course for everyone out there.

The Internet Business School

White Media are proud to have become an Official Partner of the Internet Business School. The Internet Business School was founded in 2007 in Kent and has become one of the UK's leading online course providers and digital marketing trainers.

Some of their thousands of students have gone on to become millionaires and many others have successfully created online businesses which have changed their lives for the better.

The Internet Business School currently has a range of 45 courses in every conceivable niche of digital marketing. Each course is presented by a proven expert in their area of digital marketing. Whether it is social media, course creation, webinars, podcasts, website creation, advertising, book writing, eCommerce, there is a course for everyone.

Online Digital Marketing Courses

The online digital marketing courses are easy to follow and are designed to give you all the knowledge you need to become a specialist in the area you are studying. If you follow the steps you are being taught precisely, you can achieve the results your tutor has themselves achieved.

Many of the online courses are the equivalent of a day-long face-to-face course, but with all the breaks edited out. The courses are broken down into manageable chunks, so that each section covers a specific topic and is easily followed.

Once you have bought a course, you have access to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. You can study in your own time and at your own pace. You can dip into the courses as and when you need to refresh your knowledge.

Lifetime Course Access & Free Updates

Every course you own will always be accessible by you. Even better, the digital marketing courses are regularly updated. Some courses are updated as much as 2 - 3 times every year.

The reason for the updates is that the digital marketing world is a very fast moving sector. There are always new techniques, platforms or technology appearing. The Internet Business School courses keep you up-to-date of all the latest methods.

There are students from 2010 or earlier who still regularly revisit the digital marketing courses they own. think about how vastly different the Internet has become in the intervening 11 years! the free course updates mean that each student has the latest knowledge available to them at all times.

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