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Engage Your Customers Through The Magic of Facebook

No other social media platform has the combination of reach, populatity and store of data that Facebook has. Facebook is the one platform which will suit almost any business for social media marketing. Find our how White Media can harness the power of Facebook to engage your customers and grow your business.

What Is Facebook Page Management?

Your Facebook page is probably one of your most important resources for communicating with your audience. Facebook is often the first place a consumer will visit to find out about your business and to communicate with you.

If yours is a small or medium-sized business, the chances are that you do not have a dedicated social media manager and have to make the time to manage your Facebook page yourself. This takes you away from other important work you could otherwise be dealing with.

White Media are experienced Facebook page managers. We can help you create a Facebook page from scratch, or redesign your page to improve your corporate image. You can also benefit from our knowledge and success in putting together Facebook campaigns to drive traffic to your services or products.

Planning and executing a Facebook page campaign takes time and effort to do well. Graphics and images will need to be designed and sized to suit Facebook. Managing Facebook page is a never-ending task.

What Is Involved In Managing A Facebook Page?

Managing a Facebook page is an important task for any business. How often your Facebook page is updated will largely depend upon the nature of your business. For example, a retail business will probably post new products and offers several times a day, whereas a service-orientated business might post just once a week.

Irrespective of how frequently you post to your Facebook page, you need to be posting content which is informative, visually strong and engaging to your target audience.


Good branding is important if your Facebook page is to give your audience trust in your business and an identity it will remember. The first step is to choose your Facebook page name carefully so that it reflects your business well. Next, you will need to add your profile and cover images with the correct, optimised dimensions for Facebook.


Setting up your profile is the next stage. This includes entering your contact details, website address and succinct information about your business. Try to word any information in the tone and language your audience speaks. You will also want to choose the Facebook page layout best-suited to your business, rather than sticking with the default Facebook layout.

Products & Services

With the basic set-up of your Facebook profile completed, now is the time to add your products and / or services to the appropriate sections. This will help you be found organically for your offerings. If you operate an eCommerce website, there are integrations available to synchronise products between your website and Facebook.


Try to keep to a schedule of posting which your audience is used to, to help build and retain an audience. Ensure that the posts are engaging and provide useful information. An 80%/20% ratio of informational and selling posts is about right for most businesses. A campaign which provides good information and links to your products or services will generate better results for you.

Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups, or creating your own group, is a good strategy to interact with people already interested in the topic the group is there to promote. Be aware that each group will have its own rules and stick to those rules. If you are creating your own Facebook group, it is a chance for you to show yourself as the expert in your niche.

Paid Advertising

Boosting your posts is Facebook’s form of advertising. Boosts are your way to reach a wider audience than you page is able to do organically. Facebook ads can harness the data Facebook holds, so you can target very specific markets down to very fine detail and so maximise the effect of your advertising campaign. Facebook ads are a good way of getting fast initial growth.

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What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Us

I’d recommend White Media to any of my friends, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”. Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.
Rollo C., Chairman

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We Are Different From Most Other Facebook Management Agencies

If you have worked with other Facebook management agencies you might have found yourself baffled by tech-speak?

We at White Media like to concentrate on you, the client, rather than trying to make Facebook page management sound like a dark-art which should only be approached by an expert. The aim of social media management is to help grow your Facebook following and consequently your sales and leads.

No Tech-Speak or Jargon

There is nothing more annoying than hearing geek-speak when all you want to hear about how is how your Facebook campaign management is progressing. Jargon is designed to be baffling and has no place in any conversation with our clients. We give you feedback in simple to understand language, so that you can understand how the social media campaign is coming along.

Easily Understood Updates

You will always have direct access to us whenever you have a question about your Facebook page campaigns. We will give you regular updates about the progress of the campaign, showing you the results of the work as well as monthly reports on the steps taken to manage your Facebook page. We also like to hear thoughts and ideas from you too!

No Long-Term Contracts

You need to have confidence with your Facebook management agency. Consequently, we do not force clients into long-term contracts. As Facebook page campaigns are long-term projects, we encourage clients will carry on with rolling monthly contracts. If you want to cancel your management service contract with us, all we require is a notice period of 30 days.