Wordpress Seo Services

WordPress SEO Services

Drive Organic Traffic, Increase Rankings With WordPress SEO Services

White Media are WordPress specialists. We are also WordPress SEO specialists. We can help you optimise your WordPress website for search and drive your web pages up the Google search rankings.

Discover how we can help you through our WordPress SEO services.

How Will WordPress SEO Benefit Your Website and Business?

WordPress is by far the most popular website platform in use around the world. WordPress is also one of the best optimised content management systems (CMS) out of the box. Simply put, it is well-designed for search and functionality.

However, just because WordPress is designed and built well, it does not mean that everything is perfectly optimised. You still need a good WordPress SEO strategy for your website to beat your competitors in the search rankings. This is where we come in to help you!

WordPress SEO encompasses lots of different areas. These areas of search engine optimisation include, amongst other things:

  • Headings and titles
  • Page content
  • Images
  • Schema markup

There are some great plugins available, such as Yoast SEO, which can help with WordPress SEO. However, search engine optimisation experience and know-how is still needed to make sure your website is optimised as well as possible. Whether you are running an informational website, eCommerce website, a membership website, an online course website or a forum, we can look after your WordPress SEO campaign for you.

What Do We Include In Our SEO Services?

The aim of SEO is to grow your website's traffic organically by optimising the website, so making it the most relevant one for the keywords you want the web page to be found for. SEO is a long-term strategy and proper results take weeks and months to fully show through. The optimisation process is therefore an ongoing one - time, patience and continuous effort are needed to make the utmost of your SEO strategy.

WordPress SEO Audit

The first step, before any changes are actually made to your website is to look at your website to see what state it is in, find out what is already working for you and to understand the current levels of traffic to your key product or service pages. Having discovered the good SEO aspects of your website, we can then concentrate on the areas which are not working and work on optimising your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is where we identify keyword phrases to use on your web pages which are intended to convert visitors to clients.

The most valuable keywords are those which have a commercial intent and identify visitors who are looking for a specific product or service. We will help identify the most important keywords for your website.

Page Optimisation

Page optimisation is where we combine the SEO audit and keyword research to build the keywords into your pages. Page optimisation requires the keywords to be written in natural human language - long gone are the days of keyword stuffing!

The keywords will be used carefully in your page titles, headings, meta data and calls to action (CTAs).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is what happens in the background of your WordPress website. We delve deep into the technical aspects of your website to make good use of schema mark-up and each page's meta data.

Internal and external linking is another aspect of technical WordPress SEO which we will look at across your website. Links help Google understand the relationship of pages and posts.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor research is undertaken so that we can understand the market you are competing in, who your competitors are, how you compare to them and what works for the best performing competitor websites.

A key part of this stage is to identify keywords your competitors may be using and to see if they can be used in your WordPress SEO campaign effectively.

Content Creation

Creating new content will help  your website fresh and concentrate on making your website the go-to place for informational searches based around your products and services.

Through a blog or knowledgebase, we aim to help make you the specialist in your niche and drive traffic through the content to make sales or capture leads.

How Is Your Website Performing?

Ask us to review your website for FREE. We'll give you suggestions for how you could improve your website's performance with SEO or marketing campaigns.

What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Us

I’d recommend White Media to any of my friends, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”. Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.
Rollo C., Chairman

How Do I Know If My WordPress SEO Campaign Is Performing?

You will have access to your dedicated SEO project manager who will be your single point of contact for your SEO project. You can ask any questions if you are unsure about any area of the SEO plan and it will be answered in normal English – no tech-speak!

Each SEO package has a set number of hours each month for SEO work to be carried out on your website. You will have unlimited access to your project manager within the monthly campaign hours.

We Are Different From Most Other WordPress SEO Agencies

If you have worked with other WordPress SEO agencies you might have found yourself baffled by tech-speak?

We at White Media like to concentrate on you, the client, rather than trying to make search engine optimisation sound like a dark-art which should only be approached by an expert. The aim of WordPress SEO is to continually improve your return on investment and make your website work for you.

We therefore try and spare you the geek-speak and give you the results you want to see.

No Tech-Speak or Jargon

There is nothing more annoying than hearing geek-speak when all you want to hear about is the progress of your WordPress SEO campaign. Jargon is designed to be baffling and has no place in any conversation with our clients. We give you feedback in simple to understand language, so that you can understand how the WordPress SEO is coming along.

Easily Understood Updates

You will always have direct access to us whenever you have a question about your WordPress website's SEO. We will give you regular updates about the progress of the WordPress SEO, showing you the results of the work as well as monthly reports on the steps taken to manage your WordPress SEO. We also like to hear thoughts and ideas from you too!

No Long-Term Contracts

You need to have confidence with your WordPress SEO agency. Consequently, we do not force clients into long-term contracts. As WordPress SEO work takes many months to become truly effective we hope clients will carry on with rolling monthly contracts. If you want to cancel your WordPress SEO service contract with us, all we require is a notice period of 30 days.

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