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White Media provide services for independent authors who want to have their book created as an eBook or paperback and have it published on Amazon or other online book stores.

We also help authors with dedicated book websites or author websites to help promote their books.

How Can I Get My Book Created & Published With Minimal Outlay?

The wonders of Amazon and other online book platforms means that it is now much easier to publish your book than even a few years ago. Gone is the need for a big name publisher – you can now publish and market books yourself both as eBooks and paperbacks.

Book publishing can be far simpler than you realise and the marketing of the books really uses digital marketing skills.

If you want to learn to publish on Amazon yourself, we have two superb step-by-step online training courses - Book Publishing Course and Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author System– which comes with a load of extra resources you can download.

However, you may decide that publishing is too much hassle for you to do yourself, but you want an affordable way of getting your book to market. This is where we can help you publish your book.

Ebook Creation

eBook Creation

Paperback Book Publishing

Paperback Book Publishing

What Book Creation & Publishing Services Do We Offer?

eBook Creation

eBooks continue to become more and more popular to read on a wide range of mobile devices. Creating an eBook is a specialist task and uses underlying technology which is not dissimilar to how websites are created! We use industry standard publishing tools to transform your text into your eBook, ready for publication on Amazon or any of the other online book stores, such as Barnes & Noble or Apple.

To find out more about eBook creation, have a look at our eBook creation page.

Book Publishing

Similar to eBook creation, we can also help you transform your copy into a fully-fledged paperback book. The book can either be printed using Amazon’s print-on-demand program, or the configured book can be sent to a traditional book printer where you have will receive stocks of your book to sell as you wish.

The print-on-demand program is useful to authors who do not want to outlay large sums of money up-front and are happy for the book to be available solely on Amazon.

Using a traditional book printer you have greater control over the finished product, such as paper weights and qualities, but will have a significant outlay to pay for before the first book is actually sold.

Both systems have their merits and are suitable to different types of projects. Find out more about book publishing on our book publishing page.

Some Of The Books We Have Created & Published

The 18,000 Km Diaries By Sir Nicholas White, Bt.
Travelogue from China to the UK by Sir Nicholas White, Bt.
On The Wilder Shores Of Life Biography By Christopher Hallpike
Autobiography by Professor Christopher Hallpike of living with primitive tribes
How The Unicorn Found His Horn By Pippa White
A magical children's book & confidence builder by Pippa White
The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair By Pippa White
Tales of rural life in England & the animals we live with by Pippa White
A book for inspiration by Pippa White

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What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Us

I’d recommend White Media to any of my friends, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”. Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.
Rollo C., Chairman

We Are Different From Most Other Book Publishers

We are a small book publishing agency which uses our experience with websites, graphic design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to help independent authors create and publish their books at minimal cost. We understand how hard it is to find a publisher which is prepared to take on an unknown author and publish their book.

We are different as we do not judge the quality of your work and do not have the worry of whether it is going to be a financial success for us - as major publishers do. Our aim is to take your copy and turn it into the eBook or paperback you want have published. Laying out and typesetting a paperback or eBook is actually very similar to building a website - a lot of the same technology is used in both! We use this experience to create your book for you and get it published on Amazon as either a Kindle or a print-on-demand paperback.

Furthermore, we can help you with the marketing of the book using our SEO, social media and paid advertising expertise. Get in contact with us to find out more about our book publishing services.

No Tech-Speak or Jargon

There is nothing more annoying than hearing geek-speak when all you want to hear about is the progress of your book publishing project. Jargon is designed to be baffling and has no place in any conversation with our clients. We give you feedback in simple to understand language, so that you can understand how the book project is coming along.

Easily Understood Updates

You will always have direct access to us whenever you have a question about your book project. We will give you regular updates about the progress of the it, showing you the results of the work as well as reports to you as the project progresses. We also like to hear thoughts and ideas from you too, in case there is a tweak you would like done!

No Long-Term Contracts

You need to have confidence with your book publisher. Consequently, we do not force clients into long-term contracts. An eBook or paperback can be created and published surprisingly quickly, if we have all the copy from you at the start. Ongoing you may choose to use our web design or SEO and social media services to help market your book.