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Harness the Power of Social Media to Engage Your Audience

You have the power to engage and influence your target audience through the magic of social media. White Media's social media management services will enable you increase your brand awareness by building relationships with your audience to win traffic to your website and to grow your sales and leads.

Social Media Management To Expand Your Business

Using social media is an important area of most business’s digital marketing strategy. Social media covers a broad spectrum of available platforms and includes well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each social media platform has its own unique audiences and ways of operating. Your business will thus find that some platforms are more useful to you than others.

A key thing about using social media is that for it to work effectively for you, you need to keep to a consistent posting timetable and provide information which will engage your audience. Managing social media can therefore be time-consuming. Small and medium sized companies may find that they do not have the time or resources to run their social media campaigns well and struggle to build or maintain their audience.

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Captivating Social Media Campaigns

White Media are experienced social media managers who will help put together effective and spectacular social media campaigns for your business. We concentrate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns, which we have found to be the best-performing social media platforms for businesses.

Here is how we put together a captivating social media campaign for you.

Social Media Planning

Once we have discussed your business goals with you, we will put together a strategy for your social media campaign. this will involve identifying the social media platforms we believe will be best to focus on for your business and give you a plan of how content will be created and posted.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor research is undertaken so that we can understand how your competitors are using social media and what is working for them. This can give ideas for new directions to take your social media campaigns and to encourage your audience to engage with your business rather than the competition.

Creating Content

The content of your social media campaign needs to be spectacular and grab the attention of your target customer. We need them to click on your links, share the content and want to feel a part of your business. We will create engaging content to bring your brand to life.

Inspiring Images

Social media is all about the visual sense. Social media users want to see inspiring images which bring your posts to life and portray your business as they expect to see it. We will help you create stunning images and infographics to wow your audience and make them engage with you.

Social Media Advertising

Organic social media campaigns take a lot of time to build up a large and strong audience. Sometimes it is a good idea to use paid advertising to get the extra traffic and engagement. Our PPC marketing services will help you get better visibility and engagement on social media to kick start your campaign.

Reporting Results

Just like SEO, building a successful and growing social media audience takes time and effort, together with a strong strategy. We keep you informed of progress - good and bad - throughout the social media campaign. Our reporting is in plain English, so you will always know the how the campaign is running.

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What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Us

I’d recommend White Media to any of my friends, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”. Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.
Rollo C., Chairman

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We Are Different From Most Other Social Media Management Agencies

If you have worked with other social media management agencies you might have found yourself baffled by tech-speak?

We at White Media like to concentrate on you, the client, rather than trying to make social media management sound like a dark-art which should only be approached by an expert. The aim of social media management is to help grow your social media following and consequently your sales and leads.

No Tech-Speak or Jargon

There is nothing more annoying than hearing geek-speak when all you want to hear about is how your social media campaign is progressing. Jargon is designed to be baffling and has no place in any conversation with our clients. We give you feedback in simple to understand language, so that you can understand how the social media campaign is coming along.

Easily Understood Updates

You will always have direct access to us whenever you have a question about your social media campaigns. We will give you regular updates about the progress of the campaign, showing you the results of the work as well as monthly reports on the steps taken to manage your social media. We also like to hear thoughts and ideas from you too!

No Long-Term Contracts

You need to have confidence with your social media management agency. Consequently, we do not force clients into long-term contracts. As social media campaigns are long-term projects, we encourage clients to carry on with rolling monthly contracts. If you want to cancel your management service contract with us, all we require is a notice period of 30 days.

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