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Dominate Your B2B Market Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for service sector and industrial businesses. You can market your services and products directly to the individuals who make the final decisions on investment and purchases.

Discover how White Media can help you dominate your sector using LinkedIn to market your business.

How Does LinkedIn Work?

LinkedIn is different to most other social media platforms in that it follows a business-to-business (B2B) model. You will therefore be dealing with other business professionals and businesses when using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also works on two separate levels. You can have both a personal profile as well as creating a company profile for your business. It is important to get both types of account effectively set-up, if you want success from LinkedIn. Personal profiles are useful when you want to connect to a specific person within another business, though cold contact is not usually well received by people on LinkedIn. This is best done when you have some sort of communication with the person already.

LinkedIn marketing will generally be done through your company profile. Providing informative posts with professional images of the post's topic are what will get the best engagement from people interested in the topic. In LinkedIn people have the ability to follow topics, companies or groups which are of interest to them. Your company's posts and articles can therefore be directed to the appropriate arena using hashtags.

To get your message out to a wider audience, LinkedIn advertising can be used to good effect.

With our LinkedIn management services, White Media can help you create both personal and company profiles which will stand out, along with managing your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

What Is Involved In LinkedIn Management?

Managing a LinkedIn profile or company is all about making you and your company be found on LinkedIn for the services or products you want potential clients to buy. As LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals, optimising your LinkedIn profiles and posts is a good way to reach decision-makers in your target sectors. White Media can help you reach new markets by managing your profiles and advertising for you.


Branding your LinkedIn company profile is key if you are to operate an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The profile and cover images will need to be optimised to the dimensions used by LinkedIn, or you will find rendering problems and cropping when viewed publicly. Memorable and professional branding can help you stand out above your competitors on LinkedIn.


Set-up your personal and company profiles using keywords in the headings and descriptions. A LinkedIn profile can be heavily optimised for search results, when done properly. As well as the self-explanatory input fields, you can make use of the 20 specialties available to you, as these will help your exposure throughout the LinkedIn network. We will help you optimise your personal and company profiles to help your company stand out on LinkedIn.

Posts & Articles

LinkedIn posts should normally be professional and business-orientated in style. Your posts should ideally be informative, encouraging viewers to engage with you. Inserting infographics is a good way of visualising the content of your posts. Try to keep to a regular schedule when posting and aim to become the expert in your niche with the information you provide. This is a good strategy to get people coming to you for your services.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on LinkedIn is an effective way of marketing your brand and company to business professionals around the world.

Your ads can be targeted to only be seen by individuals who fit the professional or geographic criteria you set. For example, to get the best results from your campaign, you may want your ad to only be seen by purchasing, finance or managing directors in the sector you operate in. This maximises the chance of a decision-maker contacting you about your product or service and being converted to a customer.


You will want to know how your LinkedIn campaign is going. We provide you with regular reports, in whatever form is best for you (telephone or email), about the progress of your LinkedIn campaign. You will hear what has happened since the last report and how people have interacted with your posts or articles.

Our reporting is all in plain Engish without tech-speak, which is confusing and unnecessary. We want you to understand the progress of your LinkedIn campaign so you can make informed business decisions.

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What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Us

I’d recommend White Media to any of my friends, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”. Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.
Rollo C., Chairman

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LinkedIn Management Services Gloucestershire


We Are Different From Most Other LinkedIn Management Agencies

If you have worked with other LinkedIn management agencies you might have found yourself baffled by tech-speak?

We at White Media like to concentrate on you, the client, rather than trying to make LinkedIn management sound like a dark-art which should only be approached by an expert. The aim of LinkedIn management is to help grow your LinkedIn company following and consequently building your sales and leads.

No Tech-Speak or Jargon

There is nothing more annoying than hearing geek-speak when all you want to hear about is the progress of your LinkedIn campaign. Jargon is designed to be baffling and has no place in any conversation with our clients. We give you feedback in simple to understand language, so that you can understand how the LinkedIn campaign is coming along.

Easily Understood Updates

You will always have direct access to us whenever you have a question about your LinkedIn campaigns. We will give you regular updates about the progress of the campaign, showing you the results of the work as well as monthly reports on the steps taken to manage your LinkedIn account. We also like to hear thoughts and ideas from you too!

No Long-Term Contracts

You need to have confidence with your LinkedInm management agency. Consequently, we do not force clients into long-term contracts. As LinkedIn campaigns are long-term projects, we encourage clients will carry on with rolling monthly contracts. If you want to cancel your management service contract with us, all we require is a notice period of 30 days.