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About White Media

White Media are a digital marketing agency specialised in providing digital marketing services and digital marketing training for small and medium sized businesses.

We are based just outside Tetbury in the Cotswolds - an ideal location for serving businesses in the Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cheltenham quadrant. Despite being based in the South West, we work with clients across the UK and in London.

Our clients operate in a wide range of business sectors and include financial services, private tutors, therapists, business consultants, electricians, charities, hypnotherapists, retailers, florists, stonemasons, local government, presentation trainers, tailors and healthcare providers.

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How White Media Started

Hi, I'm Christopher, the founder of White Media.

White Media was created following years of digital marketing, which was primarily focused around building websites for my clients. Although all our websites were always optimised for search, back then we were offering SEO and PPC management services as secondary services. However, over time I realised that many of our clients needed digital marketing services as a primary service and that we were being seen as a simple web design agency, rather than an experienced digital marketing company. It was time to pivot the business model and White Media was born!

Having had personal experience with SEO companies from around the world offering their "world beating" services and promises of perfect rankings, I discovered that many of our clients had similar experiences in the past and felt like they had been scalped. Invariably they found themselves locked into long minimum-term contracts which they could not get out of and that the digital marketing services they were sold were in fact largely automated. Furthermore, some felt that they were being encouraged to spend more on services such as PPC management with little benefit to themselves, as the agency's fee was to charge a percentage of the amount spent on ads!

I have always had a big problem with that type of digital marketing agency. Effective digital marketing needs to have the human touch. Automation can cause more problems than it solves. Therefore, it was important to me that White Media gives its clients the personal touch.

  • We give you the personal touch and there is no automation of any of our work, with the exception of scheduling the release of things such as Twitter posts which have been written and optimised by us before being placed in the scheduling queue.
  • We want you to have trust in us and our work, so we work with rolling monthly contracts, rather than long minimum-term contracts with no get-out clause.
  • We want you to understand everything we do by using plain English and not nerdy techie terms to explain things to you.
  • We want to understand your business so that our digital marketing campaigns can be honed in on your business's strengths.
  • We want you to have success and to reap the rewards, so we charge fixed monthly fees, rather than charge a cut of your turnover or ad spend - leaving you to keep all further profits for yourselves.

White Media looks forward to working with you on your future digital marketing projects. If you have not already done so, click or tap the button below to ask for your FREE digital marketing review.

How We Work

Working With You

White Media are different to many other digital marketing agencies. We work closely with our clients and like to get to know them well to understand what makes the people we work with and their business tick. This can make a big difference to a digital marketing campaign as the identity and character of the business can be portrayed to its online audience and help make the company feel more approachable and identifyable with its customers.

Plain English

There is nothing more off-putting to a client than hearing meaningless geek-speak being spouted out! Jargon is designed to obfuscate a topic and make it inpenatrable to an outsider. We think this approach is wrong. Our vision is that the client must easily understand what is being done throughout a digital marketing or web design project. therefore, you will find that we communicate with you in plain English and only use technical terms when absolutely necessary.

Openness & Honesty

Openness and honesty are two of our core values and are the way we like to work with our clients. If something is not right in your digital marketing campaign or we think something could be done better in another way, we will let you know. We also don't force our clients into long minimum term contracts. We operate on a rolling monthly contract basis where just 30 days notice is needed if you want to cancel. We let the results of our work speak for themselves.

Your Digital Marketing

If you are ready to take a closer look at our digital marketing services, get in touch today and we will discuss with you the best way forward.

If you are not yet quite sure about how digital marketing can help you, get your FREE digital marketing review where we will show you how we can help grow your business with our digital marketing services.

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