19th December, 2022

New Anthropology Book Published

By Christopher White
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We are pleased to announce the publication of a new anthropology book by renowned anthropologist, Professor C.R. Hallpike. Savagery and Civilisation explores the relationship between savagery and civilisation and questions the fundamental distinctions between animals and human beings.

This anthropology book is a fascinating read and gives an interesting insight into different cultures around the world and how their thought processes work with regard to wild and savage behaviour.

Savagery and Civilisation is available exclusively on Amazon.

How Was The Anthropology Book Brought To Life?

Professor Hallpike approached us following the successful collaboration we had in 2021 on his rip-roaring autobiography, On The Wilder Shores of Life.

With the book's copy in our possession, we started to set up the layout, fonts and style of the book. Initially, we started with the paperback version of the book, as this was the more complex version to typeset correctly due to the print requirements. With this done, we then started to produce the Kindle eBook version.

The whole process took approximately three weeks to complete and be signed off for publication.

Read Savagery and Civilisation

The anthropol0gy book, Savagery and Civilisation is a must read for anybody interested in the extremes of human culture and how Man's mind appears to work in different environments. Professor Hallpike is one of the few anthropologists in the modern era who is not afraid to call a spade a spade and analyse the world as it is and was.

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